Good Morning Friends!  Thanks for checking in on CaucusRoom today.

Are you wondering where our team’s political news updates went? The short answer is that they are now in “Groups”- and once you join them, you will see that news content back in your “home” feed.  Why the change? Here’s the backstory:

If you missed the announcement earlier this week-  Our ”neighborhoods” tab is now fully interactive— in other words, you can post directly to the people in your area without forming a group.  We are really excited about this, because as you know our goal is to help conservatives find and encourage each other locally.

Our “Admin” team- Me, Allen, Kelly and Megan- enjoy posting news articles for you to see on CaucusRoom.  But one of our founding principles is that we as “Admins” should not have special superpowers that others in the community do not.  It’s why we intend to have CaucusRoom’s Membership Rules governed by a body of elected Members, rather than governed by corporate fiat.  It’s a special privilege to be able to communicate with all of you, and we want to respect that privilege by only using the “admin” posting powers to keep you updated on important changes to your CaucusRoom experience.

So, even though we know members like checking the news articles that we post directly to the “Home” feed, (Thanks for clicking!!), we want you to customize your experience by finding news-oriented Groups to follow.  It’s kind of like Twitter- there’s no limit to the number of groups you can join, and the more you follow, the more unique and frequent content you will receive.

There are already a large and diverse set of interesting public groups sharing news (and guess what- you can post news in many of them, too!). Here’s a quick list:

And there are many other groups that post news content in connection with their values and goals.

I personally suggest following all of them!

Are we missing some important news feeds?  You can start your own for others to follow!

Questions?  Comments?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below- or take a few minutes to click on the survey in the left column of the site.