Hi Everyone!

It’s been such an encouraging month here at CaucusRoom, particularly as we see more and more people discover just how impactful we can be together. We can’t thank you enough for joining us, and we are so touched by the dozens of kind and encouraging notes sent by new members. We really do read every one of your comments and suggestions- Please make sure and take the survey if you haven’t already!

Q: What is your marketing plan to reach our spheres of influence?

A: So glad you asked! We are just about to step on the gas. Here are a few steps we are planning to help grow our community:

1) You! Our best growth engine will always current members. You should be able to find a “Share CaucusRoom with Friends” button on almost every page, usually on the right column of your browser or the bottom of a post- please click that button and share CaucusRoom with your friends and neighbors!

2) Big groups. We’ve spent the past month preparing to help several large groups join CaucusRoom and make the most of its features to meet their objectives. We expect to roll that out the first week of December— and those new “onboarding” features will help anyone with a group to get their team to move over to CaucusRoom easier and faster.

3) Personal Outreach: Do you attend a local conservative club? We have a little road show that we do for conservative groups if you’d like us to present. Or, send us a note at [email protected] and we will send you some drink coasters or postcards to hand out to your group.

4) Advertising. We have a significant advertising budget, and are currently testing methods and messages before we begin a large campaign. We will probably send out a survey to members to learn more about where advertising might be best targeted- so please stay tuned and give us your thoughts.

Q: Who has access to my contact information? I don’t want to get phone calls and mail.

A: Here’s the short answer: NOBODY.

To elaborate: We needed that information in order to verify your identity and your voting address, which helps us organize the content that you receive on CaucusRoom geographically. But we won’t sell your contact information or share it with anyone.

If someone wants to contact CaucusRoom members 1) they need to join CaucusRoom— no exceptions to that rule, and 2) They can post a note in a member’s neighborhood, or in a group that they follow. All posts in your Neighborhood and your Groups are included in the daily summary of notifications that you receive each afternoon via email. Group leaders should like this system, because our daily emails have HUGE “open rates,” which means that the vast majority of CaucusRoom Members read those updates every day.

Q: When the deep state leftists demand you divulge your subscriber list, what will your response be?

A.: I would say: “Go Spit.”

And then, maybe,

“Who killed Jeffrey Epstien?”

Seriously, we guard that list with our sacred honor. We even structure Groups and Neighborhoods in a fashion so that no CaucusRoom member can ever see the total list of CaucusRoom members. It’s a constant balancing act between prohibiting anonymity and also respecting the private forum CaucusRoom provides our conservative movement. Please don’t hesitate to keep asking us more questions about it (and/or provide feedback and suggestions). This issue is extremely important to us and we want to get it right!

Q: What kind of “Conservative” is CaucusRoom? Is it the kind that I like…or the other kind?

A: When we started the site, the founding team wrote down our core values and put them on our “about” menu. Eventually, those values will be reviewed and amended by an elected body of Member representatives serving as a “CaucusRoom Council”, much like a city council or GOP executive committee.

No matter where you fall on the ideological spectrum, you are going to find a great deal of focus on what we can do together as conservatives to advance our values in our community. We are building a Social “Action” Network, not a circular firing squad. There are too few activists doing all the work for freedom locally, and hopefully CaucusRoom can help add to their numbers, and to provide them encouragement in their efforts. So far, that’s exactly what we’ve seen.