Happy Holidays!

Christmas came early at CaucusRoom with several updates to our community that we’re excited to share! As our community continues to grow, we feel blessed this season to belong to this group of conservative patriots who are working to better our towns, cities, states and nation. From everyone at CaucusRoom, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year spent with loved family and friends. See you in 2020!

Recent Updates:

Personal Profiles: CaucusRoom members are now able to personalize their profile pages with a photo and information about yourself, which can be viewed by other members in your neighborhood or in shared groups. This feature will be especially helpful for “closed” group leaders and members, as it will allow group leaders to learn a little something about the members requesting to join if they don’t already know them. It can also provide some nice context for people who see your posts, as other members can click on your name above your post to see the “About You” blurb. But don’t worry- the rest of your profile information is kept under lock and key and we don’t share it with anyone. Set yours up now by clicking on the “Profile” option under your name in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage!

CaucusRoom for Group Leaders: Check out our latest “How To” page just for group leaders! There, you will find short videos and links to our help pages that will guide you through the steps of creating and growing your group on CaucusRoom. We also show you where to access CaucusRoom branding like logos and icons you can include in your newsletters, websites and other social media sites.

Turn Your List into a Community: Also new for group leaders is the ability to expedite the CaucusRoom signup process for your group members by uploading a contacts file (such as .csv file) and letting us invite them for you! From your group’s main page, click on “Actions,” then “Manage Group” and finally “Invite Members.” There, you can import a CSV file of your group’s email list, and, once you have, everyone on your list will receive a personalized invitation asking them to join CaucusRoom. When they click on the invitation, they will find that much of the signup-form is already filled out with the information you provided.  Once they have signed up, they will automatically be added as a member of your group! For more information on this newest feature, please visit our help page

Of course, if you have any questions or feedback, we value your opinion! Do not hesitate to reply to this message or send an email to [email protected]

Merry Christmas!


Matt Knoedler, CEO