The partnership will enhance the Republican Caucus experience and increase intra-party communications year-round.

The Colorado GOP announced today that it is partnering with — an online platform for conservatives to gather, encourage and mobilize locally — to enhance the local caucus-going experience for Colorado Republicans in 2020.

“The caucuses are a powerful part of our civic conversation,” said Lx Fangonilo, Executive Director of the Colorado GOP, “It is the best entry point for people to get involved in the political process, and it is overdue that we use technology to make caucuses more engaging. We believe this is a first-of-its-kind partnership nationally, and we think it will lead to a more lasting and meaningful experience for Republican voters who attend their local caucus.”

CaucusRoom’s neighborhood-oriented network was inspired by Colorado’s caucus system, and allows activists, precinct leaders, and candidates to easily communicate with each other before, during, and after the caucuses.

CaucusRoom is a unique online platform designed specifically with political functionality in mind. And unlike most major social platforms, it is not hostile to conservatives. “While other major social networks grapple with issues surrounding political bias and free speech, CaucusRoom is a welcoming home for conservatives online to find their like-minded neighbors and discuss issues of the day and topics they care about without fear of backlash,” said Matt Knoedler, CEO of CaucusRoom and a former Colorado state legislator.

“We are excited to enhance the caucus experience by providing the Colorado GOP with a secure online community that was built for conservatives, by conservatives,” said Knoedler, “Caucus attendees can use CaucusRoom to continue their conversations throughout the rest of the year and mobilize for 2020 and beyond.”

CaucusRoom is a secure online platform for conservatives. To join CaucusRoom as a member with full access to the network’s features, individuals are double-verified to check their identity and their political affinity. Once online, members can create and join groups, participate in local discussions and find out about events posted in their “Neighborhood” feed, which is organized geographically. The company was founded in June 2019 by Matt Knoedler, Allen Fuller, and a group of Colorado-based investors. To learn more, visit

The Colorado Republican Party is led by Chairman Ken Buck and is responsible for coordinating and planning Caucus and Assembly processes with the Congressional, County, and Local Party infrastructure throughout Colorado.