Welcome back to Freedom Hacks!  In our second podcast, Matt and Allen do a deep dive on what makes CaucusRoom the premiere social platform uniquely for conservatives.

From our system of governance (including our own Constitution!) to the types of things you can do on CaucusRoom, our website was designed with local conservative communities in mind.

Our one-of-a-kind platform is perfect for organizing conservatives, meeting new neighbors and effecting real change in our communities.  CaucusRoom operates without the traditional liberal bias that is so commonly found on larger platforms. At CaucusRoom, YOU the control your data, your causes, and your organizations.

CaucusRoom Members- Send us your questions and ideas for upcoming podcasts, and we’ll tackle a few in every episode. We will also spend a few minutes in each episode announcing any product updates and other company announcements.

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Show Notes:

  • Discussion about the CaucusRoom Constitution
  • How is CaucusRoom Governed? Introduction to the CaucusRoom Council
  • Three categories on CaucusRoom:  nonmembers, users, and members