This is a big week for CaucusRoom! We made several major updates which we believe will improve your experience on CaucusRoom, and we hope you think it’s extraordinary. Many users requested these features ever since we first launched, and we heard you! We are excited to finally be able to show them off. I want to say a quick word of thanks to our development and engineering teams for their hard work on these updates. Now checkout what they’ve done!


Look at what just appeared at the top of your CaucusRoom screen: a new bell icon! This is our Notifications feature. If you click on the bell you’ll find alerts for when someone posts in your neighborhood or groups and when they comment on your posts! We hope this feature, in addition to our daily email notifications, will help make our community stronger and encourage more conversations on CaucusRoom!

Discover CaucusRoom

Now it’s easier to find CaucusRoom content without joining every group! Members often ‘tag’ their posts with keywords, and our new “Topics” feature collects dozens of related tags into one easy-to search thread. On the new “Discover” page, located in the main menu on the left-hand side of the homepage, you can search for posts with specific tags, such as “Cory Gardner,” or broader topics, such as “Colorado Senate Race.” Help us build this section by suggesting topics and by adding relevant tags to your posts. Only posts from “Public” and “Resource” groups are searchable in this feature.

New Sign Up Page

We made it even easier to sign up for CaucusRoom! We encourage you to check out our new sign up page and invite your friends and neighbors. We streamlined the sign up form and optimized our system to make sure everyone who qualifies for membership makes it through quickly. Our community team is ready to help, and if you know of anyone who has recently experienced issues with the signup process, we hope you’ll encourage them to give us another shot.

We greatly appreciate the feedback from so many of you that led to these improvements. We hope you enjoy these new features, and that they make your experience on CaucusRoom better than ever. And stay tuned – there’s more to come in the near future!  As always, you can reach out to us directly at [email protected] for help with the sign up process or anything else you’d like to do (or see) on