Candidates, what can you be doing now that will make a lasting difference in November and beyond?

Nobody can host fundraisers or walk precincts right now, so I see a mixture of campaign tactics taking shape. Let’s give them labels:

The “Strategic Patience” Candidate

This tactic involves doing nothing on purpose and expecting something good to result. Spoiler alert… luck doesn’t happen to Colorado Republicans. We must do better.

The “Quintuple Membership Points” Campaign

The email warriors. These campaigns work hard in the form of sending blast emails to get you to make a small donation. They want you invested, literally, but they aren’t really looking for a conversation. “Open rates”… the frequency that someone actually opens the email, is almost always extremely low, indicating that feeling is probably mutual. We can do better.

The “Zoom Wizard” 

These folks recognize the importance of conversations with volunteers, donors and voters. But when the call comes to an end, the attendees disburse. We can still do better. 

The “Community Builder”

This candidate wants every email, every Zoom town hall, and every connection made in these early months to build momentum for their campaign. Each digital “touch” is an invitation to join a growing community of like-minded supporters. Zoom meetings still happen, but they happen in community chat-rooms that keep the conversations going long after the call ends. 

CaucusRoom: A community with a purpose.

CaucusRoom is a great place to build a community of supporters. Our online-meeting tools can help you kickstart your campaign’s Group page, and then your Group members will receive notifications every time you post something in your group. CaucusRoom’s daily notifications email generates “open rates” that are between 6-10 times greater than a fundraising email. 

Sure, you can build a community on other social platforms… but you’ll be competing for eyeballs against “the Funny Cat Meme” Group and videos of your cousin’s children making adorable faces. And then there are the trolls and the bots… No thanks.

CaucusRoom members log into CaucusRoom to learn, encourage, and make a difference for conservative causes. This is a separate network made for important discussions, away from the noise and the trolls of big social media. We are growing at a geometric pace, and we owe that to campaigns and party officials who see the benefit of building their own community online. 

So what are you waiting for? Invite friends, candidates, and volunteers to join you on CaucusRoom today! 

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