This morning, CaucusRoom, an online community for conservatives to gather, encourage, and mobilize locally, hosted over 1,600 Republican party members for the first Colorado “Virtual Assembly.” CaucusRoom acted as the “floor” of the assembly, allowing delegates the ability to react and communicate in real-time with each other and party leaders on the platform.

1,668 verified conservatives interacting simultaneously hit a new high-water mark in CaucusRoom for participants in a single event.

As in-person meeting plans were scrapped nationwide in the face of the coronavirus threat, CaucusRoom – founded in Colorado but with plans to expand nationwide in short order – added additional functionality to replicate political gatherings.

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By combining a video live-stream, chat functionality, credentialing, and real-time communication tools, CaucusRoom offered many of the attributes of an in-person assembly in the midst of Colorado’s shelter-in-place order.

“Although we weren’t able to host an in-person assembly this year, we did our best to replicate that experience virtually,” said Congressman Ken Buck, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. “CaucusRoom’s role allowed our activists real-time interaction between delegates and the party, which was a critical part of the overall experience. I’m proud that we are finishing the assembly process with momentum and energy.”

“When we envisioned what CaucusRoom would be, we hoped to be able to do something like this someday. It is amazing that day was today,” said Matt Knoedler, CEO of CaucusRoom. “1,600 people interacting live toward a common goal is a powerful force, and we’re humbled to be the vehicle for that movement.”