What is the CaucusRoom Council?

Think of the CaucusRoom Council as a City Council, with some judicial powers as well. The Company is the staff— the police, the road crew, the permit department— and the Council sets the ordinances. For instance, how should CaucusRoom improve the membership verification process? Who should be allowed to be a CaucusRoom member and who should not? 

The Council will also have the power to approve or reject “enforcement actions” made by the Company, such as Group approvals/disapprovals, Membership appeals or suspensions, etc… No Company enforcement action may be final unless it is approved by the Council. 

Who can run? 

All CaucusRoom Members are eligible to run for the CaucusRoom Council. The Council will be composed of the top two vote getters from each time zone. One at-large seat will be granted to the highest overall vote getter and will not count towards the two-member apportionment for their time zone. 

What’s the time commitment?  

We do not know for sure, but likely 3-4 hours per month and at term will run for a 6-month term. There would likely be a study session once per month followed by a Council Meeting (held using CaucusRoom’s meeting platform). 

The CaucusRoom Staff will be available at all times to answer questions and handle as much of the workload as possible, but it will likely make sense for the Council to have a few subcommittees to break up the subject matter expertise and variety of technical and governance questions that will come up. 

When is the election? 

Voting:  Dec. 3- Dec 5th, 2020. Voting will occur in an online meeting room that will remain open for those days. 

Running for Office/Campaigning: Anyone can announce their candidacy by writing us at [email protected], or [email protected]. You will be added as a Host to the CaucusRoom Room, which will allow you to post campaign material in the weeks leading up to the election. We will also host a live candidate forum on the evening of Tuesday, November 17. 

Voting: Dec. 3- Dec 5th, 2020. Voting will occur in an online meeting room that will remain open for those days. We are working on how voting can be split up by time zone. If it is not practical with our current technical capabilities, we will open voting for all council seats to all members.