November 10, 2020
Contact: Matt Knoedler ([email protected])

The fast-growing conservative social media network, announced today the first membership election season for a member-based internal governing council. CaucusRoom, an online network exclusively for conservatives, has seen record growth and will reach 30,000 accounts by the end of the week.

An elected “CaucusRoom Council” is a unique attribute of Other social media networks struggle both internally and publicly with how to handle questions of censorship, community, and leadership. CaucusRoom will look to community members themselves to arbitrate these important questions.

“CaucusRoom was designed around the caucus system,” said CEO and founder, Matt Knoedler. “So, it’s natural for us to look to how these questions are handled in an analog way. We all vote for representation to various political entities – we’re just expanding that to a virtual format. I think the fact we are putting trust in the users themselves to curate the experience they’d like, rather than using the heavy hand of topdown dictatorial policy-making, is unique and refreshing.”

The proposed Council/Company relationship resembles a Council/Manager form of municipal government. The Council provides long term direction on governance issues, such as who qualifies to join CaucusRoom, and what are the appropriate kinds of consequences when someone violates the Term of Service.

CaucusRoom will accept nominations to the Council during the month of November and a platform-wide election will commence on Dec. 1st. All CaucusRoom Members are eligible to vote in the election, and voting will take place on CaucusRoom using the platform’s proprietary secret ballot voting tools.