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AMAC Action, the advocacy arm of the Association of Mature American Citizens, announced this week they will partner with, a geographically-organized startup social network for conservatives. AMAC is the association for conservative mature citizens who believe in free-market solutions to our country’s challenges.

AMAC Action structures its advocacy by congressional district to effect maximum impact on a national level. Therefore, the partnership with CaucusRoom, which natively orients new users to their neighborhoods and conservative neighbors, is ideal.

“We at CaucusRoom are thrilled to help AMAC Action grow their online community and empower their activists to make a difference,” said Matt Knoedler, CEO of CaucusRoom. “We love AMAC’s vision to mobilize activists in every congressional district. That’s why we built CaucusRoom, and it is encouraging that AMAC Action sees the potential for our platform to help them succeed.”

“AMAC Action understands that the future of political organizing requires digital,” said Bob Carlstrom, President of AMAC Action. “Our partnership with CaucusRoom demonstrates AMAC Action’s commitment to creating the free-market changes that mature citizens want to see in our politics.”


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