CaucusRoom announces a new virtual meeting product line, CaucusRoom Live. The conservative platform changes its tagline to “Freedom to Assemble”.

Golden, CO – Conservative organizing platform today announced a new product line aimed at virtual meeting spaces for Republican organizations and conservative groups. CaucusRoom Live offers in-browser virtual meeting rooms for groups of any size, with up to 50 participants on video/audio.

“CaucusRoom Live is three years in the making- it’s the simple, reliable, and customized online meeting space we’ve always wanted to offer.” Said Matt Knoedler, CaucusRoom’s Founder, and CEO.

“As soon as we launched in early 2020, CaucusRoom became a virtual meeting hub for Republican party events and conservative groups. But to pull it off, we had to pipe in the video portion from an external source. With CaucusRoom Live, the meeting is fully operated from within CaucusRoom’s meeting room.”

Pricing starts at $24/month for unlimited meetings of under 50 people. Larger “webinar” format tiers begin at $50/month — a lower unit price than most webinar services but with more capabilities and security features.

“CaucusRoom provides our organization with a network of highly engaged citizens who are concerned that our rights are quickly being eroded. Now that we can meet virtually in a controlled environment we can take our advocacy efforts to a whole new level,” conservative grassroots organizer Daniel Fenlason commented.

“CaucusRoom Live offers much more than just a video conference,” said Knoedler. “It’s more like the conference room within your campaign headquarters. You can assemble people for the meeting, but they can also hang out in the lobby— your Group’s main page, where participants can post and comment— and keep the conversation going long after the meeting concludes.”

In conjunction with the new services, CaucusRoom released new company branding with the slogan “Freedom to Assemble,” replacing the founding tagline “Freedom’s Neighborhood”.

“The neighborhood will always be the heart of CaucusRoom— and a powerful resource for any campaign to find new supporters. But we named CaucusRoom after a real meeting place— the Room in which Caucus meetings are held is a special place. It’s a closed-door meeting space for people with a common purpose,” said Knoedler. “Now it’s available online!”

“When the Freedom to Assemble was under duress, CaucusRoom stepped up and made a real difference. It’s the core of our value proposition to the conservative movement. We’re hopeful people will give it a try. Once you get your group up and running, it’s the easiest meeting experience on the world wide web.”

Since 2020, CaucusRoom has hosted over 100 official GOP meetings and events virtually on the platform, as well as hundreds of watch parties, training sessions, and informal gatherings. Over 24,000 people have attended CaucusRoom virtual meeting sessions to date.