News & updates from the CaucusRoom team

CaucusRoom Council Elections are here!!!

What is the CaucusRoom Council? Think of the CaucusRoom Council as a City Council, with some judicial powers as well. The Company is the staff— the police, the road crew, the permit department— and the Council sets the ordinances. For instance, how should CaucusRoom...

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Ed McVaney Taught Me How to Think.

“Bottom Line Up Top!” he would say. “If you can’t fit it on a postcard, you don’t know it well enough.” Ed McVaney rose from humble Nebraska roots to become one of the founding fathers of modern business software.  He was the “Edward” in J.D. Edwards, Inc.. He was...

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5 Tips for a Successful Live Stream

Unfortunately with current events, traditional meetings, like county assemblies, cannot happen in person. With county parties scrambling to set up alternatives, CaucusRoom can now be used as a platform to make meetings like this secure and inexpensive. In lieu of in...

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