Founding Documents

CaucusRoom's governance is a unique and essential foundation of our community.


The purpose of this Constitution is to define the authority vested in each branch, to guarantee certain rights to Members and the Company, and to establish a lasting and adaptable system of governance for the CaucusRoom community.

Community Values

CaucusRoom is a community of registered voters who believe in and honor the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Members of CaucusRoom will inform each other, discuss issues they care about, debate policy solutions, and coalesce around political candidates and causes that best represent their values.

Community Rules

CaucusRoom has established interim rules for users while we await establishment of a self-governed membership council. Click “read more” to read the interim rules by which CaucusRoom operates.  During the comment period (May 26th – June 2nd), comment on the post in “The CaucusRoom Room” to have your input on these interim rules!