Group Leaders

Do you have a group of people you are interacting with on other social platforms like Facebook or through email that you would like to invite to join CaucusRoom? Or maybe you would like to start a new group now that there’s a space you can be sure your information and conversations are secure?

As the online home for conservatives to inspire offline action, CaucusRoom is perfect place to turn your group or email list into an engaged community of activists that will attend events, donate to causes, volunteer for campaigns and more. In order to help you successfully create your group on CaucusRoom, please review the steps outlined below. We hope you will find these helpful and informative, and as always, if you have any other questions or concerns, reach out to [email protected]

Create a Group
The first step in creating a group on CaucusRoom is to… create a group on CaucusRoom!

Add a Post
Now that you have created a group and been approved, it’s time to make your first post.

Add an Event
Learn how to create your first Event on CaucusRoom.

Invite Your Friends
Once you have your group set up, along with some content to engage your members, it’s time to invite them! There are several ways to share CaucusRoom.

Share Your Group
Continue to share your group by adding links to your website, social media pages and more! Share your group directly through email newsletters and more, and feel free to use our brand assests including logos.