Community Values

The following Caucus Room Community Values statement is intended to be a starting point for Caucus Room Members to discuss and agree upon their local community’s shared purpose and values.  In the traditional precinct caucuses, the precinct Chairman typically facilitates a discussion among members of their top policy goals. Those policies are forwarded up the chain to the State and later to the National party platforms.  In that same spirit, we want all CaucusRoom members to have a say in the development of our Community Values statement.

When a sufficient number of Members in a neighborhood join CaucusRoom, we will create a discussion space on that neighborhood page for members to share their policy goals and upvote their favorite goals listed by other members. We will set deadlines for finalization, and then CaucusRoom Council will review neighborhood goals and update or amend the CaucusRoom Community Values statement accordingly.  We will reset the discussion on that community page on a regular basis (Perhaps annually or biennially).

CaucusRoom is a community of registered voters who believe in and honor the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Members of CaucusRoom will inform each other, discuss issues they care about, debate policy solutions, and coalesce around political candidates and causes that best represent their values.


CaucusRoom Community Values

Adopted by CaucusRoom Council on March 24, 2021


We believe in: 

  1. The laws of nature and of nature’s God
  2. The endurance of certain truths as they relate to the governance of humankind.
  3. Human life, as the most precious of gifts.
  4. The equality of all people before the law.
  5. The primary duty of government as the guarantor of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of the individual
  6. Government as the extension of the rights of a sovereign people.
  7. Freedom fosters prosperity and prosperity fosters freedom. 
  8. The right of the individual to acquire, own, and dispose of property as the best safeguard against tyranny.
  9. The virtue of voluntary charity, self-reliance of the individual, and the inter-reliance of individuals, families, and communities.
  10. The denunciation of violence except in the event of self-defense.
  11. The golden rule is the principle rule of conduct for both the citizen and his government.
  12. Voluntary and free commerce and trade.
  13. Asset-based currency whose value is determined by market supply and demand.
  14. A strong military to defend the nation, its borders, its citizens, and their property.
  15. The right to bear arms in defense of the self and against tyranny and oppression.
  16. The freedom of thought, exploration, and scientific discovery.
  17. The need for principled and representative taxation.
  18. The affirmative duty of the citizen toward his nation.
  19. The principles set forth in our founding documents and the defense thereof against all enemies foreign and domestic.
  20. Emigration and immigration to the United States are a privilege, not a right.